Mar 27, 2023

Luis Xavier Grisanti se retira de la AVHI

después de 20 años de servicios

Dear Friend and Colleague,
Allow me to inform you that, after twenty years as founder and executive president (CEO) of the Venezuelan Hydrocarbons Association – AVHI, I have decided to step down and pursue new career challenges.

I would like, first of all, to thank you for the fruitful professional meetings and exchanges we have maintained over the years.

It has been a rewarding experience to have received the trust of the international oil companies (IOCs) and other private producers for two decades. Their contributions to the sustainable development of Venezuela has been significant, in spite of exogenous adverse conditions.

We leave a number of documents on good and transparent corporate governance, human talent, health, safety, security and environment (HSSE), world class business models, government take, decarbonization and energy transition, and corporate social responsibility. The documents present a road map for the reactivation of the industry under conditions of legal security and contractual compliance.

I will remain engaged with the energy industries from my position as Chairman of the Board of Banco Exterior and of the Banco Exterior Foundation (Grupo Fierro of Spain), and as professor of energy and hydrocarbons economics at the IESA business school and Universidad Central de Venezuela (coordinator UCV).

Likewise, I will continue to foster mutually beneficial relations between the United States, the European Union, the multilateral organizations, and Venezuela through my participation in the Board of Centro Venezolano Americano (CVA), the US – Venezuela Business Council (CEVEU), and IESA´s Center for Energy and the Environment.

I hope to keep in touch through my emails: and, and my WhatsApp number 58 414 251 9968.

Hasta luego, and yours sincerely,

Luis Xavier




Luis Xavier Grisanti
Embajador – Presidente Ejecutivo
Asociación Venezolana de los Hidrocarburos
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