Los 12 grandes descubrimientos más recientes del Golfo de México

Larry Prado/HartEnergy.com
Oct 22, 2019



Prospect, Field, Block Well Ft. of net pay/production Operator Depth (ft) Completion date
Green Canyon Block 21 1 OCS G35385 235 ft of Pliocene pay Talos Energy LLC Drilling: n/a
Water: 1,300
June 2019
Alaminos Canyon Block 380 1 OCS G32954 400 net ft of oil pay Shell Oil Co. Drilling: n/a
Water: 6,500
June 2019
Samurai, Green Canyon Block 432 2OCS G32504 150 ft of net pay (two Miocene zones) Murphy Oil Corp. Drilling:
Sept. 2018
Mississippi Canyon Block 612 1 (BP) OCS G33166 800 ft of net pay (Norphlet) Shell Oil Co. Drilling
May 2018
South March Island Block 71 1-F OCS G34266
2-F OCS G34266
4 Mbbl of oil/d (combined from Pliocene sands) Byron Energy Ltd. n/a Apr. 2018
Ballymore, MIssissippi Canyon Block 607 1(ST) OCS G3451 607 ft of net pay (Miocene) Chevron Corp. Drilling: 29,194
Water 6,600
Mar. 2018
South Marsh Island Block 71 3-F OCSG34266 211 net ft of oil pay Byron Energy Ltd. Drilling: 8,615
Apr. 2018
Whale, Alamonos Canyon Block 772 1(BP) OCS G35153 1,400 net ft of oil-bearing pay Shell Oil Co. Drilling: 22,948
June 2017
Pompano platform, Mississippi Canyon Block 28 4 OCS G09771 153 ft of net oil pay Stone Energy Corp. Drilling:
Dec. 2017
Tornado, Green Canyon Block 281 2SS (ST) OCSG3342 12.35 Mboe/d (83% oil) Talos Energy LLC Drilling:
21,057 (tvd)
Dec. 2017
Ship Shoal Block 300 5-B (ST) OCS G07760 173 ft of hydorcarbon pay with peak flow of 1.1 Mboe/d W&T Offshore Drilling:
Nov. 2017
Tornado, Green Canyon Block 281 2SS (ST) OCS G33242 297 net ft of oil pay Talos Energy LLC n/a Oct. 2017

Data source: IHS Markit. Compiled by Larry Prado


Larry Prado

Larry Prado writes activity highlights for Hart Energy’s upstream franchises and covers E&P news. He holds an AA in electronics engineering technology and a BA in technical communications.

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