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Is Your Trap Filled to Spill? Fluid Contact Uncertainty in Resources Assessment

Fluid contact assumptions are often the greatest component of volumetric uncertainty in early field life.

With exploration wells often targeted at or near the crest of structural highs, inappropriate, often over-optimistic, assumptions about fluid contacts are a major cause of misunderstanding which can have significant implications throughout field life. 

This Resources Assessment presentation, with real-world examples and case histories, will show how a better understanding of hydrocarbon trap and seal capacity can reduce volumetric uncertainty. 

Topics discussed will include:

• Traps filled to capacity vs structural spill points in individual fields
• Limitation of fill capacity due to lack of a top seal or fault seal
• How seal capacity can affect hydrocarbon phase
• Techniques available to understand hydrocarbon fill better
• Case Histories

Join Doug Peacock, Technical Director at GaffneyCline, for an online discussion:

Wednesday 12 August, 2020
4:00pm – 5:00pm Singapore / 9:00am – 10:00am London